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Now, many people learn about the opening of the Kraken online store from customers who have already made purchases in it. This creates even more excitement around him. It is worth understanding the features of this site and why it attracts thousands of new visitors. The main feature of this marketplace is the sale of original services and goods that cannot be purchased online. But this site does not sell directly.

It gives the right to any store to use it, i.e. place your page with a list of various goods and sell it. Therefore, on this site there is a thousandth list of traders and there is a huge opportunity to increase it. A person who wants to buy a certain product or service visits the site and, using the reviews and ratings, chooses the most suitable one among the sellers. After that, he makes a deal.

Kraken resembles the work of ozone or wildberry with one important distinguishing feature - a feature of services and goods. For a potential buyer, this option, shopping with a lack of time and unwillingness to leave the house is just a godsend. In addition, special attention is paid to the security of the identity of the buyer and seller equally.